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Welcome to Gulf Gold Refinery

Dubai has become one of the leading centers of gold refining in the world. Gulf Gold Refinery, while carrying on the great tradition of gold refining in the Middle East, has emerged as the leader in technically advanced gold and silver refining in the Gulf area.

Gold refining is a passion for us. Details matter. We know it, and we never forget it. Therefore we do continuous research to provide gold refining services with steadily increasing standards of quality and precision

Dubai’s excellent business environment and secure financial network, combined with the skills afforded by its multicultural society, allow Gulf Gold Refinery to provide the most advanced and exclusive refining services in the global marketplace.

Gold Refining means responsibility. Gulf Gold Refinery is following the international guidelines for responsible gold sourcing as defined by OECD and by DMCC.

About Us

We live our vision. Gulf Gold Refinery operates state-of-the art machinery, using the latest laser technology in the production of gold bars. Our equipment incorporates the most advanced technology available in the world.

Our employees have decades of experience in gold refining. They are our most valuable asset.

Combining highly developed skills with the latest technology, Gulf Gold Refinery provides services of exceptional quality to its customers.


Refining services. Gulf Gold Refinery provides high quality gold and silver refining services. We produce gold bars of standard sizes and purities. Our refined gold, with purity up to 9999, is extensively tested and verified throughout the refining process.

Assaying services. We can confirm the gold and silver content in an alloy or metal scrap in a standardized fire assay process.
Precious metal brokerage. Physical gold and silver trade is available to clients.
Financing services. For financing of our client's activities, general conditions apply.


Address of GGR:
Gulf Gold Refinery FZE
PO Box 9244, Sharjah